Nonni's Fresca Cucina is now Closed for the Season


Nonni's Fresca Cucina


Norfolk County’s newest dining spot.
Outdoor fresh air dining with outdoor kitchen featuring an Italian inspired menu

On many occasions in 38 years of being in the hospitality business I have been asked, where do you get your passion from.

The simple answer is, from my Mom.

At an early age I would spend mornings, afternoons and evenings being taught old school traditional cooking. From stocks to sauces to true consume, her repertoire was international and immense.

But more than that was her engagement in the moment. A joie de vivre that set her apart.

She would take a day and prepare multi course dinners for 30 plus guests - even making homemade crackers for the cheese board. After preparing it all she would go get ready and come out dressed to the 9’s and ready to perform. She would entertain doctors, lawyers and Indian Chiefs without batting an eye. The food only outdone by her immense presence. Everyone floated with her and the evenings would roll like a smooth Olive Brown ditty.

So in her 90th year and with all that is happening around us, in her honor we will be introducing a new outdoor dining experience on the shore of Lake Erie - Nonni’s Fresca Cucina - happy birthday Mom - can’t wait until you can come down from Sudbury to try it.