Opening May 23


Our Newest Restaurant Concept fresh air lakeside out door kitchen
Enjoy shared snacks and meals outdoors at David's Restaurant.

Tuesday-Saturday (12noon - 9pm) Sunday (10am - 4pm)

Watch for seasonal features supported by some of our local growers that help make us the region’s leader in local to table


Weekly Features
$2 Oyster Shuck (4-9pm)

Half price wine (4-6pm)

All day breakfast feature




“Home Town” Pizza Dough
w/ kalamata olives, olive oil, preserved tomato and arugula
marinara, bocconcini and basil on “Home Town” dough
Meat On Board
cured meats, pickling, nuts, breads
Cheese on Board
varied cheeses, picking, nuts, breads
All on Board
combination of 'Meat on Board' & 'Cheese on Board'
Arancini (per ball) $5
Fried Calamari & Corn Lime Aioli $16
Corn Flour Battered Cauliflower $14
Italian Poutine $14


Single Serving

Crusty Bread Meatball Sub $15
Italian cuts on Focaccia $15
Oven Baked Chicken Parm. Sand $15
Grilled Portobella, Roasted Pepper, Olive spread, arugula $13



Matz Fruit Barn Frozen Yogurt Cup $8
Fresh Fruit & 3 oz of wine $4
plus wine
Cheese and Truffle Plate for 2 $18


The following items are served family style – what you order will arrive to the center of the table for sharing with enough to be shared



Caesar Salad $18
Greens Salad w/ House Vinaigrette $16
Tomato, Cucumber, Bocconcini, Balsamic $14


The Bowl

Bucatini w/ Marinara & Meatballs $32
Hand Cut Pappardelle Pesto $31
Rosemary Roasted Potato $10
Mushroom Bowl $9
Local Vegetables $10
Fresh Cut Herbed Frites $10



Land/Lake & Sea
Lamb Chops(2), Beef Tenderloin Skewers(1), Italian Sausage (1), BBQ Herb Chicken Leg & Thigh (1), Pouched Pickerel, Grilled Shrimp(2), Grilled Calamari(1)
Chops and beef cooked to medium
Farmland Fun
Beef tenderloin skewers(2), BBQ Herb Chicken Legs& Thigh (2), Lamb Chops(4), Saucy Pork Ribs(1/2 rack), Pork, Italian Sausage (2)
Chops and beef cooked to medium
Swimmin’ Through Life
Pouched Pickerel, Pouched Rainbow Trout, Grilled Calamari (2), Gilled Shrimp (4)



Smoke & Gamble Appassimento $2 /oz
$72 (bottle)
Ca del Doge Chianti price*
$26 Pitcher
Ronco Vin de Vore Sauvignon $3 /oz
$75 (bottle)


Classic Martini
Gin or Vodka – Clean or Dirty
Aperol Spritz
Aperol, Prosecco, Soda
Gin, Campari, Sweet Vermouth
The Godfather
Amaretto, Scotch
The Lady of the Lake
Rum, Cucumber, Mint, Lavender, Soda
Wilma’s Watermelon Smash
Lillet Rose, Gin, Watermelon, Lemon
The Wilma was a steam engine that is one of Lake Erie’s infamous wrecks – lost in 1936

After Dinner

Espresso Coretto
Espresso with your choice of grappa, sambuca or brandy
Last Call
Espresso, Hot Water, Strega Liqueur, Nutmeg
Espresso, Americano, Latte, or Cappuccino
Available Decafinated
$9 double