Cocktail & Martini List


Upgrade your martini to a premium spirit for $3


Premium Vodka

Grey Goose
Chopin Potato
Kettle One


Premium Gins

Bombay Sapphire
Dillon's Unfiltered Gin 22


2.5oz Martinis - $13

The Double Olive - house vodka or gin served ice cold in a freshly chilled, vermouth misted glass, garnished with your choice of pimento or blue cheese olives


Dirty Double Olive - house vodka or gin with olive brine served with blue cheese olives


Dover Coast - vodka, blue curacao, crème de banane with pineapple juice


Sea Glass - vodka, melon liqueur, crème de banane with lime, pineapple & orange juices


Sandy Shore - vanilla vodka, crème de cacao, baileys with espresso


Mermaid - raspberry vodka, blue curacao, sour pus raspberry & cranberry juice


Blue Vineyard - blueberry hill blueberry iced wine, raspberry vodka, crème de cassis & soda


County Caramel Apple - bourbon, sour pus apple, butter ripple schnapps with apple & lime juices


Ivey’s Dam - vanilla vodka, crème de cassis with cranberry & lime juices


David’s Key Lime-tini - vanilla vodka, coconut rum, amaretto, melon liqueur with cream & lime juice


Cottage Cosmo - citrus vodka, triple sec with cranberry & lime juices


Light House - vanilla vodka, crème de cacao, chambord with cream


Margarita-tini - tequila, triple sec with lime juice & simple syrup


Sunset Sail - raspberry vodka, lychee liqueur, lychee & cranberry juices, topped with soda



1oz Cocktails - $10

Mojito - rum, lime, mint leaves & simple syrup topped with soda


Berry Cider Mojito ($2 upgrade) - raspberry vodka, lime, mint leaves, mixed berries, simple syrup, topped with blueberry hill black & blue fighter cider


Ramblin’ Grapefruit - tequila, pinch of salt, grapefruit juice & Ramblin’ Road Dakota Pearl Ale


Harvest Cocktail - vodka, cranberry juice, pear juice, lemons & rosemary topped with soda


Summer Garden - tequila, maraschino cherry juice, grapefruit juice, bitters & orange juice


Pina Colada - coconut rum, pineapple juice, cream, coconut cream topped with whipped cream & a cherry on top


Crown Mule - three lemon wedges, simple syrup, crown royal topped with ginger beer



2oz Cocktails - $12

Peach Orchard Spritzer - gin, peach schnapps, lavender simple syrup, bitters, topped with ginger beer


Manhattan Twist - whiskey, dry vermouth, sweet vermouth with bitters & gingerale


Pier Punch - tequila, crème de cassis, lime juice, topped with gingerale


Lakewood - gin, campari, dry vermouth, bitters, grapefruit juice & soda


Acadian Driftwood - scotch, maple whiskey, sweet vermouth, balsam fir syrup, bitters with a lemon twist



Sparklers - $14

Watermelon Sparkler - watermelon ice cubes, lemon juice, campari topped with prosecco


Blue-Lavender Sparkler - blueberry hill iced blueberry wine, lemon juice, lavender simple syrup topped with prosecco



Mocktails - $6

Citrus Tea - lemon & orange wedges, simple syrup topped with iced orange pekoe tea


Fruit Barn - basil, lavender simple syrup, pineapple juice & house made strawberry juice topped with soda water


Thirteen - lemon juice, simple syrup, gingerale, splash of orange juice and a grenadine drizzle


Pink Sunrise - balsam simple syrup, grapefruit juice & soda water


New Group Reservation Policy - Effective June 1, 2018

In an effort to ensure the quality of product and service incumbent to the expectations of our guests we have introduced a new reservation policy for “groups” of 8 or more.

Please review carefully as this policy will be part of our booking procedure for all “groups” of 8 or more.

  1. Reservations for 8 or more guests will require a valid credit card number and expiry date
  2. Card information will be held solely for the purposes of holding the reservation
  3. Reservations under this policy may be changed or cancelled but will require 72 hours notice
  4. Failure to change a reservation outside of 72 hours with fewer than the booked number in attendance will result in a $10 per person fee per person not in attendance
  5. Failure to attend whatsoever without notice will result in a $25 per person fee
  6. These fees will be charged to the credit card on file for that reservation

It is our obligation to inform the guest booking of this policy at time of taking card information and by providing the card information you have been familiarized with this policy.

Thank you for your cooperation and we look forward to your continued support of our excellent restaurant and lounge.