David's On Tour

Drop by Smoke & Gamble / Frisky Beaver Winery for a taste of locally sourced cuisine from David's On Tour award winning food trailer! David’s On Tour features local fresh ingredients prepared daily and is an extension of its restaurant in Port Dover, which believes that “Local” is not a Trend but a principled belief that Norfolk County has some of the best product at its door step. Working closely with local producers and growers all of our food operations are tied to the local agricultural community and are committed to ensuring we always have the freshest of ingredients for your next meal.

David's OnTour

Davids's On Tour

Open Friday through Sunday

Friday 3pm-8pm
Saturday: 12noon-8pm
Sunday: 11am-5pm

Food trailer Open for Patio Dining or Take Out

Cyclical Consumable Operation

To ensure the safety of all, this is a self-service food venue

Place your order at the window.
Pay, take your receipt and give us your name
When ready you will be called by name and receipt number to pick up.

Please be advised that we are making efforts to work with a completely cyclical consumable operation

Your food product will be served in/with products which will later be burnt in the winery fire pit.

These ashes will be used to fertilize and enrich the soil from which the grapes are grown.

The grapes will mature and be harvested to make the wine you will one day consume. And so on.

Help us in achieving this goal by bringing your containers to the waste site, any left over food items are to be scraped into the Compost Container – any service material is to be placed in the burn wagon - any trays are to be returned to the food trailer.

Thank you for making our world a better place.



Beef skewers (3)
w/ Norfolk Blueberry Sauce
G/F Pickerel Bites
w/ house tartar
marinara, parm ribbons, basil oil
Vegan Grilled Tofu Tacos (2) $10
Pickerel Tacos (2) $12
Grains and Greens
w/ house made maple vinegrette
House Poutine $9
Frites $6


(a good snack for 2)

Cured Board
cured meats, pickling, nuts, breads
Cheese Board
cheeses, pickling, nuts, breads
All a Board
a mix of the two above

Stoned Dough

Flat Bread
olives, parm, basil, olive oil, balsamic, arugula
marinara, buffalo mozzarella, basil
Not Vegan
marinara, mozzarella & cured meat
Vegan Quesadilla
peppers, onions, vegan mozzarella

Early Or Late

House Made Vegetarian Quiche $15
Norfolk Berry Pancake
whip cream and local maple syrup
Breakfast Taco (2)
onion, peppers, prosciutto, cheddar


House Made Chocolate Truffle (wine) $4
Seasonal Berry Angel Cake $6